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We have been passionate about IT solutions for 25 years. For more than 15 years we have been specifically devoted to the development of business solutions for ultra mobile computer systems.

Our LeadTrack system offers exhibitors extremely effective support in generating and handling visitor leads. Our standard software MobileOrder has been tested in several lines of business. For many years now it has been used by reputable international companies in a range of field work programs.

Our services include qualified consultation and planning, proved and tested hard- and software, professional implementation and a support that leaves nothing to be desired.

All from a single source – by professionals for professionals!

Company / Milestones

10.2018 Developing „LeadTrack Online“ for smaller fair booths – worldwide
09.2017 „LeadTrack“ receives a makeover and is now running on all current operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows)
01.2012 Developing „LeadTrack“ for iPad
01.2010 Developing „MobileOrder WI“ for Risk Management in housing industry
12.2009 Moving into new office space (Kl. Drakenburger Straße in Nienburg)
04.2005 LeadTrack is awarded with the „Innovationspreis 2005“ (Prize for Innovation) by the “Initiative Mittelstand” (Small Business Initiative)
02.2001 Developing „LeadTrack“ as standard software for trade fair exhibitors
08.2000 3n consult + organice becomes a company that trains apprentices as qualified IT specialists
06.2000 Developing „MobileOrder“ as standard software for field sales workers
01.2000 Moving into new office space (Wilhelmstraße in Nienburg)
11.1999 Converting the company into 3n consult + organice GmbH
07.1991 Foundation of the company as individual enterprise „3n EDV-Ideen...und mehr”(3n EDP ideas…and more)