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Housing industry - MobileOrder WIMobileOrder WI

„MobileOrder WI“ offers you a simple solution for mobile service recording and risk management
in the housing and real estate industry.

Using “MobileOrder WI” you will find it easy to quickly record the service data of your field workers.
Furthermore, you can use it for planning, executing and administrating all of your monitoring duties for properties and economic units.

Of course, you can exchange all data with your current housing industry system.

MobileOrder WI Modules

WI Module


  • Simplifying activity recordings in the field
  • Preventing manual follow-ups
  • Avoiding sources of error
  • Prompt automatic processing in backend
  • Simplified timekeeping – “Mobile time clock”
  • Simple and continuous planning and enforcement of liability duties
  • Consistent documentation of fulfilling all liability requirement for premises
  • Using synergetic effects
  • Keeping field workers included in the flow of information

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